Pride 2023 Homecoming


26 • 08 • 23

Bermuda Pride logo in white

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Our mission

Bermuda Pride supports our LGBTQ+ communities in the pursuit of our unequivocal right to be safe, seen, valued, and thriving

Our values

Our annual Pride celebration offers our diverse community and allies a period of greater visibility, connection and support by producing events that:

  • INSPIRE you to think, speak, and act with love, respect and courage
  • EDUCATE our community in order to create a more compassionate and just society
  • HONOR our past and present by amplifying our voices, efforts, and stories
  • and CELEBRATE the power and beauty of who we are

Our vision

As we come together around this year’s ‘Homecoming’ theme’ we invite those in our community who have left our island to return to Bermuda to celebrate how far we’ve come and to recognize how far we have to go. As we work together to build a future free from discrimination and stigmatization, we invite LGBTQ+ Bermudians and allies around the globe and here at “home” to reaffirm that we belong here and that Bermuda belongs to us too.